Emely G.

Emely G.

Eagle Ambassador

Interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Bilingual Certification

Dallas, Texas

School classification:

Dance, crafting, outdoor activities, binge watching shows

Campus Involvement/Organizations:

What's your favorite thing about UNT?
My favorite thing about UNT is how engaging it is. I love our daily events! I am always surprised when I come on campus. The free food isn’t so bad either.

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Favorite place to eat in Denton: Movie Tavern on University!

Favorite place to study: I have many secret study places around the university that people don’t know about so it’s very quiet and empty

Favorite place to shop in Denton: You can never go wrong with Target 

Favorite late night hangout: My comfy apartment 

Favorite UNT tradition: Our Friday night bonfire!

Favorite class you have taken so far: Bilingual/Multiculturalism for English Language Learners

What has surprised you the most about yourself since your arrival at UNT: What has surprised me most about myself is how self-driven I can be and how many instant noodles I can eat in a row before I get sick. 

What made you choose UNT: Its diversity. That was a big thing for me and also it was really close to home!