Eagle Ambassador

Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

Abilene, Tx

School classification:

Finding hole in the wall restaurants and making macrame

Campus Involvement/Organizations:
Sigma Phi Lambda, NSS CHA

What's your favorite thing about UNT?
There are so many opportunities here! You’re never bored and always meeting new people.

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Favorite place to eat in Denton: My favorite place to eat is Bagheri’s Restaurant BUT I LOVE coffee and you can always find me at Cryptozoology.  

Favorite place to study: AGAIN, you can always find me at Cryptozoology but this studying! 

Favorite place to shop in Denton: Nifft Thrift Store

Favorite late night hangout: watching a movie with friends at my house with a run to insomnia cookies I’m the middle! 

Favorite UNT tradition: Bonfire!! 

Favorite class you have taken so far: medical anthropology!

What has surprised you the most about yourself since your arrival at UNT: 

What made you choose UNT: The fact that UNT celebrates diversity.