Eagle Ambassador

Public Relations major with a double minor in Psychology and Marketing

Irving, Texas

School classification:

Hammocking, reading, watching New Girl & meeting new people!

Campus Involvement/Organizations:
Catholic Campus Center & Feature journalist

What's your favorite thing about UNT?
The diversity! It can be cliche, but I love the appreciation that we have as a university for people that come from all different walks of life and backgrounds. You can learn so many things about different parts of the world if you take the time to meet new people on campus. It’s awesome.

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Favorite place to eat in Denton: 
LSA Burger (their Parmesan fries are AMAZING!!!)

Favorite place to study: 
Basement of the Willis Library!

Favorite place to shop in Denton:
Thrift Giant or local boutiques.

Favorite late night hangout: 
My apartment surrounded by friends and having a game night/movie.

Favorite UNT tradition: 
THe Fight Song! I get super hype at the UNT football games and I go especially hard to the UNT Fight Song.

Favorite class you have taken so far: 
Political Science with Dr. Gloria Cox. She's an amazing person and such a great professor.

What has surprised you the most about yourself since your arrival at UNT: 
How easy it is for me to meet new people. I became really involved in my residence hall last semester, and as long as you're open to it, you'll be able to meet loads of new people.

What made you choose UNT: 

It was close to home and I loved how diverse the campus was. It also isn't an extremely large campus so it was easy for me to navigate around because that can be very intimidating as a new freshman. There's also a lot of opportunities to join an organization that's best fit for you.