Hannah Hampton

Hannah Hampton

Eagle Ambassador

Early Childhood Education with Special Ed.

Frisco, TX

School classification:

Binge watching Netflix, shopping, and eating mexican food.

Campus Involvement/Organizations:

What's your favorite thing about UNT?
The amount of diversity and acceptance on campus!

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Favorite place to eat in Denton: Rustys Tacos!
Favorite place to study: I like to study at Zeras coffee shop.
Favorite place to shop in Denton: I love shopping at Palm Tree on the square. 
Favorite late night hangout: I love going to LSA on the square, getting some Beth Maries, and walking around the square with my friends.
Favorite UNT tradition: Being apart of the UNT homecoming parade on the Denton square!
Favorite class you have taken so far: Theatre for Elementary Education.
What one thing did you HAVE to bring with you to college: My coffee maker, because there is no way I can survive without coffee at all times.
What has surprised you the most about yourself since your arrival at UNT: How much I love school! The classes are amazing here and I always look forward to class.
Where else did you apply for college: I only applied to UNT.
What made you choose UNT over the others: The fantastic education program and the location close to home made it the perfect choice for me.