Emma Sobocinski

Emma Sobocinski

Eagle Ambassador

Early Childhood Education with Special Ed.

Port Jefferson, NY

School classification:

Reading, singing, celebrating God, talking about how I'm from New York but don't actually live there anymore, and hiking.

Campus Involvement/Organizations:
F.O.C.U.S. (Fellowship of Christian University Students), NT40, The Fine Arts Series Committee

What's your favorite thing about UNT?
How much the faculty and staff really care about the progress and growth of their students. They're such a great support system.

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Favorite place to eat in Denton: Loco Cafe. I hihgly reccomend the flavored lemonade and the cornmeal flapjacks. 

 Favorite place to study: Definitely my bed. Nothing quite like it! 

Favorite place to shop in Denton: 
The Palm Tree Boutique. It's just too cute!

Favorite late night hangout: 
Late nights? I'm in bed by 9:30!

Favorite UNT tradition: 
University Day. Any excuse to celebrate UNT is a great one!

Favorite class you have taken so far: 
Concert Choir. I love that even though I'm not a music major, I can still be a part of UNT's world famous music program. 

What one thing did you HAVE to bring with you to college: 
My pearl earrings. I wear them every day, All day! 

What has surprised you the most about yourself since your arrival at UNT: I realized just how much my faith means to me. 

Where else did you apply for college: Savannah College of Art and Design, and Texas State. 

What made you choose UNT over the others: My tour. I took one my senior year of high school and fell so in love, that I committed that day!